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We are the most enjoyed yet, most working student body

E-Cell MJCET has the perfect blend of work, fun and seriousness. This makes E-Cell the most sought-after student body in MJCET, proving that work can be done even while enjoying.

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E-Cell is an abode to the most vibrant minds on campus as it represents qualities such as leadership, sophistication, dedication and collaboration.

This team of Engineering students aims at strengthening the entrepreneur skills in an individual and when it comes to competition, the team strictly follows the rule of leaving no stone unturned.

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  • Someplace where I learned more about making a living is not 6-7 hours of electrical classes daily, but that comparatively lesser time at Entrepreneurship Cell which pushed me through the ladder of a follower to team member to a leader. It helped me understand the mindset of customers and competitions.

    Nabeel― 2017 Graduate

  • Ecell has been a prominent student body to enhance a student's soft skills and upgrade it to an unbelievable level. Personally, It has prepared me not only to be a fit in the startup environment but also in a professional Job. It's not just about Entrepreneurship, It's about becoming the person you wish to see in yourself.

    Umair ― 2017 Graduate

  • Serving as an active member of a student club is a great way to give back to your community. Joining clubs allowed me to make new friends and join in activities that gave me the best college experience that I could ask for. Choosing one memorable event is difficult but if there is one thing that I will forever remember, it's the campus family.

    Masthan ― 2016 Graduate

  • One of the many contributing factors to my success includes my involvement in E-Cell MJCET. I started out as a member and subsequently became the Chief Coordinator. This position opened up many opportunities for me and allowed me to develop my leadership and communication skills, as well as evolve as a person.

    Sanjana ― 2016 Graduate


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